About The John Leland Center

The John Leland Center is  committed to preparing transformational Christian leaders for ministry by simultaneously grounding them in the Bible, helping them develop a biblical worldview, and also challenging them to reach out to the wide range of people God has sent to live in this “international” city. Churches which refuse to try new approaches to minister to their new neighbors write their own obituaries.  Yet churches which abandon the truths of Scripture in a vain attempt to “become modern” also find  themselves dying, because they have severed themselves from Christ who gives all true life. How do churches know what changes to try and which ones would lead to disaster? What traditions are still relevant and which ones can be safely jettisoned? The John Leland Center for Theological Studies is helping men and women of all ages respond to the call of Jesus Christ, “Come follow me,” and to learn to become the leaders for churches which will reach a wide diversity of people for Christ in decades to come. (www.leland.edu)

Mission Statement

“The Mission of the JohnLelandCenter for Theological Studies is to equip transformational leaders for the global ministry of Jesus Christ.”

Key Term:  “Transformational Leaders” are women and men whose influence brings fundamental change in people and organizations, both in thought and behavior.

Vision Statement

The John Leland Center for Theological Studies will be known for our ability to educate and prepare transformational leaders who will impact our region and beyond both by rejuvenating local churches and by bringing theological transformation to vocational settings outside the local church. Leland will be widely recognized as the seminary of choice for Baptists throughout the greater WashingtonD.C. area, the Maryland suburbs and throughout Virginia, while being open to all Christians.

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